MT (no rear silage cutter) DS (with rear silage cutter)
Volumes m3
Two parallel horizontal augers
Two central doors, one on the right and one on the left with fixed slides


The AKITA mixer wagon is the natural evolution of the experience gained from previous horizontal mixing machines (Alano, Boxer, Bulldog, Labrador), from which the best features are highlighted:

  • soft and homogeneous mixing with two opposing, converging augers
  • rapid cutting of fodder
  • universal silage unloader cutter for any type of product
  • less power required by the tractor
  • compact size
  • simultaneous bilateral unloading
  • can be loaded directly with round and square bales

The Akita represents a reliable and versatile machine combining the advantages of a classic horizontal technology machine with those of a vertical one. As a plus, it can also be used in Green areas, i.e. recycling or composting

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